Monday, January 18, 2010


Welcome to our blog, PoMo Jukebox. You're initial response will undoubtedly be something along the lines of, "oh wow, just what we need, another music blog." We at PoMo Jukebox can not fault you for thinking that. The internet is full of blogs, and a lot of them make music their focus. So what's the point, then? What are we trying to accomplish? What can we bring to the table that thousands of bloggers haven't brought already? Probably nothing.

What we hope to achieve here at Pomo Jukebox is simple: we want to share our thoughts on music and our experiences listening to music. We have no real aspirations beyond that—we love music, we think music, some of us even eat, drink, breathe, and dream music. And we also like to write.

Hopefully, you, the reader, will get something out of this blog, be it a kick-ass recommendation, an interesting perspective, or perhaps just something to read while killing time between appointments. I won't make any promises, but we'll try.

As for the content of PoMo Jukebox, we're hoping to keep things varied. Plenty of blogs and music websites focus on reviews. We'll write those sometimes. Other blogs just focus on presenting new music to their readers, sometimes without context even. We may do that occasionally, but we hope to do more. Our goal is to approach music in a way that is thoughtful and engaging. Sometimes we'll write album reviews. Sometimes we'll write essays about what's on our minds, or what is happening in popular (and not-so-popular) music. Maybe, from time to time, we'll post mixes or other media. We might mix in some live reviews, but as long as most of us are rooted in Oklahoma, don't expect many.

Perhaps our goals are best illustrated by the blog's name. Right now, the pop music landscape is more diverse than ever, but also more fragmented. It is our hope that, through discussions of our own interests in and experiences with music, we might help to shed some light on what pop music is at this moment in time, and help ourselves and you—the reader—navigate the rapidly changing, difficult to read waters of our culture.

For the time being, we'll probably update 3-5 times a week. So stay tuned, and enjoy. We look forward to your comments and feedback.

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