Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Few Questions/Thoughts I Have Concerning the Narrator of George Strait’s Classic Country song, “All My Ex’s Live in Texas”:

1. Do you really think it’s necessary to move all the way to Tennessee from Texas just because of a few ex girlfriends?
2. In terms of your ex-girlfriends, you only mention Roseanna in Texarkana, Eileen in Abilene, Allison in Galveston, and Dimples in Temples. If Texas really is the place you would “dearly love to be,” there are certainly plenty of other cities in Texas. Dallas, for instance. It’s a huge city. Or Austin. Or Fort Worth. Or Houston. Or San Antonio. These are all big cities. I’m sure you wouldn’t run into any of those ex girlfriends.
3. This line concerns me: “Dimples, who now lives in Temples, got the law looking for me.” Why? Does this mean you broke a restraining order of some sort? Were you stalking her?
4. Finally, it doesn’t seem very strong or cowboyish to run away and “hang your hat in Tennessee.” We all have ex's. If you want to be a real cowboy, you’re going to have to grow up and quit acting like a pussy.


  1. I think the major problem with the narrator of the song is that he seems to always find a woman whose name rhymes with the town she lives in. He clearly should have moved to Dallas, Austin, Fort Worth, Houston, Lubbock, or El Paso, because there are very few female names that rhyme with those towns. But, then again, this guy dated a woman who went by the name "Dimples." Was she a circus clown?

  2. I bet he's a small town kind of guy. I can't believe there's not a Martha from Marfa. I wonder what these women look like.


    If George Strait was any kind of real man, his name would be Lyle Lovett.