Monday, November 22, 2010

Year End List Happenings

Dear Friends of PoMo Jukebox,

It's almost the time of year when the internet is full of blogs and websites listing their favorite albums of the year. Usually, these lists either come from individuals, or the combined lists of several individuals. We here at the 'box like lists that are the result of a lot of smaller lists averaged together as they convey a broader sense of consensus. This presents us with a problem--there are only 3 of us who contribute here with any regularity.

As such, we're opening our year end list process to all of you. If you'd like to contribute to our year end list with a list of your own, helping to make our own list bigger and more interesting, here is what you need to know:

Due Date: 12/1/10
Submission method: You can submit your list as an email, or as an attachment by emailing us at wedestroymyths _at_ gm__l.c_m (you know how to fix that up). Please make sure to include the artist and title of each album.

Lists: Your list should include at least 5 albums, but no more than 25. Any more than that will not be counted. Please rank albums in order of preference (1 being your favorite, the lowest number being your least favorite). For unranked lists, we'll tally the number of total points for the number of albums listed, and distribute those points equally to each album on said list.

Methodology: On each list, the scoring will look like this:

#1 album - 35 points
#2 - 30
#3 - 26
#4 - 23
#5 - 21
#6 - 20
#7 - 19
#8-25 etc... etc...

Ties will be broken by numbers of votes an album receives.

Once the list is tallied, we may ask individuals for blurbs of albums we aren't as familiar with.

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